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Set up a Company in Iran

Set up a Company in Iran

When talking about Iran, foreign investors should know that it has some laws and regulations which are well structured. However, if you really want to open a company in Iran, we recommend to familiarize yourself, at least, with these two regulations: the Act for registration of foreign companies and the Foreign investment promotion and protection act. 

For the most part, the authorities in Iran protect foreign investors and their companies in the same manner they do for local ones. Thus, setting up a company in Iran will be something quite easy to accomplish. If there is a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation between your country and Iran, a more favorable treatment will be provided and companies are actually encouraged to get acquainted with these regulations.

How we can help you with opening a company in Iran

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and you want to expand your activity in Iran, our company experts can help you with the set-up of a company in Iran, including all services for all sorts of companies within Iranian territory. We have a widespread knowledge regarding incorporation process and we can easily help with registering a business in Iran, respecting regulations and legal procedures.

When starting a new business, the owner has to choose the type of company and the object of association, and submit the required documents. 

Our specialists in compay formation in Iran can offer all the information needed when it comes to registering the company in Iran. For example, the number of managers, associates, secretaries and anything else that the entrepreneur might need to know.

Regarding company incorporation, the entrepreneur will be requested to give a specific name for the company (on a form) and, of course, pay a tax. After that, the forms will be sent to the Companies Registration Office along with other requested documents, as follows:

•    minutes of the shareholder’s meeting, reflecting the election of the directors,
•    original ID card and copies of birth certificates of the shareholders,
•    articles of association, signed by all shareholders,
•    minutes of the general meeting of founders and board of executives,
•    declaration affirming that all shares have been subscribed etc.

The registration certificate for the new business will be obtained only after all the forms are accepted. More so, besides this service, our specialists in setting up a company in Iran can assist with other types of services: 

•    registration for value added tax;
•    assistance for opening a bank account, necessary for your company in Iran;
•    consultation on the tax minimization or exceptions your business may be allowed to; 
•    accounting services;
•    virtual office

Types of companies which can be incorporated within Iran

The limited liability company can be started with one director, who can be of any nationality, and two shareholders. Beside this, the minimum amount of the paid up share capital that is required is only 1 EUR. The private joint stock company is mostly used by entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Iran. There are needed at least two directors and three shareholders appointed. They can be of any nationality and the minimum required paid up share capital is 40 EUR.

The public joint stock company is recommended if the client wants to raise public capital. In this case, there are required two directors and at least five shareholders (of any nationality) for a successful registration. The company must be listed on the national stock exchange and, annually, the company will have to submit the financial statements to the Government.

Another type of company is the branch office. Basically, it’s a company extension, Iranian-registered – with the same directors and shareholders as the parent company. More so, the business owner should know that, in order to accept service of any legal official communications and any legal proceedings, he or she will need a legal representative to be appointed in Iran.

As a conclusion, our experts can help with all of the required paper work, legal procedures and anything else that our clients might need while proceeding with the company incorporation in IranCompany formation in Iran is quite easy when you have the right people with you so, if you are in need of any advice, do not hesitate to contact us.