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Shelf Company in Iran

Shelf Company in Iran

Foreign investors coming to Iran have two possibilities of opening a company. The first one is to register a new company and the second one is to buy an already-registered one
Ready-made or shelf companies are available for businessmen who need to start functioning in Iran immediately. 

Our company incorporation specialists in Iran can help you buy a shelf company.

Characteristics of a shelf company in Iran

The advantages of choosing to buy a shelf company instead of registering a new business in Iran is that you will save a lot of time with the organizational procedures. 
Iranian shelf companies are ready to function compared to the newly registered ones, taking into consideration that some of them also need other licenses or permits which will extend the registration period. 

shelf company in Iran comes with the following features:

1. has a registered address in Iran,
2. has a fiscal identity number,
3. is already registered with the Iranian Companies Registry,
4. has a bank account,
5. has the incorporation documents prepared and notarized.

The advantages of a shelf company in Iran

It is very simple to buy a shelf company in Iran and you do not need to come to the state to make the deal, but instead it is necessary to grant power of attorney to our Iranian lawyers who will handle the purchase. Here are the main advantages if you buy a shelf company in Iran:

1. urgency in obtaining the business and therefore a lot of time saved, 
2. access on company’s credit,
3. the company will already have longevity and this will make it look more trustable to possible clients or investors, 
4. the company will already benefit from the opportunity to bid on contracts, for which longevity is necessary.

Once the acquisition is concluded you will be able to change the company’s name, to modify its Articles of Association according to your needs and also make other changes if necessary.

Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation in Iran if you want to buy a shelf company in the country.