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Virtual Office in Iran

Virtual Office in Iran

With virtual offices in Iran’s major cities, your business will profit from the presence of a prestigious office with no big expenses like a traditional office requires. 
Our company has a considerable experience in virtual office services and company incorporation facilities.

The virtual office platform offered by CompanyIncorporationIran.com covers the following:

•    registered office necessary for creating an Iranian corporation;
•    incoming and outgoing faxes using our local fax number which includes collecting and sending faxes to you, no matter where you are;
•    important business address in a major city in Iran for a reliable and risk-free base for communicating with customers;
•    mail collection and forwarding according to your instructions. The mail will be collected, packages will be signed for and sent to you, either by fax, mail or email;
•    all of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email;
•    a local phone number in an important city in Iran will be provided.

Here are a few additional services offered by our company incorporation agents:

•    the usage of a specialized equipment that enables call redirection to your primary number;
•    extra usage of the meeting room;
•    dedicated fax service with your own private number;
•    bank reports collection;

virtual office in Iran mixes home and work to obtain productivities in both.  On the other hand, office costs are low, while the user’s professionalism holds the image of a conventional high-cost agency.

Virtual office clients have the litheness to combine payments with revenue variations instantly, as the costs are frequently adjustable. 
Our virtual office in Iran can provide for low-cost expansion with no long-term obligations. One of the most important advantages of virtual office receptionists refers to the elimination of the conventional burden of health care, payroll, records, insurance, etc.

Please feel free to contact our company incorporation specialists in Iran, in order to obtain extra information and proper guidance if you want to open a virtual office in the country.